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Blade is a comic book character from the Marvel factory. In 1973 his first appearance took place in the drawings of the album Tomb of Dracula . In 1998, the first installment of Blade, directed by Stephen Norrington . Blade's plot can be summarized like this. Blade's mother is about to give birth to him. At that moment, someone called a doctor appears to help her in childbirth, but it was not a doctor but the vampire Deacon Frost, who took a big bite, and as a result of which Blade's mother died. But the child survived the delivery and lived half human, half vampire. Vampire bites have no effect on him, because of an enzyme in his blood. When Blade grew up, he promised that his mother's death would not have been in vain, and he began his particular battle against the vampires, a battle in which he achieved many successes, killing a large number of them. As weapons, he uses small knives, and from them comes his name (Blade in English means knife blade). Once the vampire hunter stage is over, in the comics Blade goes to work as a private investigator. From the success of Blade I comes a second sequel, Blade 2, and a third, Blade Trinity, which will be followed up with a fourth in 2024, starring the 2-time Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali.


Blade's sword: it's called The sword of the daywalker , and measures approximately 90 cms . It was made by hand. It is a wonderful weapon and the main one used by Blade. It has a mechanism that makes it special, a trigger on the handle. If someone picks up the sword without being aware of the trigger, a 5-10 second timer will go off and blades will be released. So that the trigger does not activate, you have to press a button hidden in the handle of the sword.

The Ebony Sword: Link between Eternals (The Knight in Black) and Blade. Both movies are from Marvel.

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