Swords Sword Art Online


" Sword Art Online" is a light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec . The story is set in the near future in which players can connect to a massive virtual reality game called " Sword Art Online" through the use of a device known as a NerveGear . However, when players try to log out of the game, they find that they cannot do so and if they try to log out of the game, they will die in the real world. The plot follows Kirito , a lone gamer, as he struggles to survive and find a way to escape the game. The series also includes various swords, including Kirito 's sword , a black single-edged sword called the " Elucidator ".


In " Sword Art Online", swords are an important part of the game and the world in which the story takes place. The characters use swords to fight monsters and advance in the game. Some of the more prominent swords in the series include:

Elucidator : It is the single-edged black sword used by the main character, Kirito . It is a powerful weapon that allows you to perform quick and precise attacks.

Dark Repulser : It is Kirito 's single-edged silver sword . It is a complementary weapon to the Elucidator and is also very powerful.

Lambent Light: It is a lightsaber used by Asuna , one of the main female characters in the series. It is a very fast and agile weapon, and is used to attack monsters with precision.

The main character Kirito is a lone player in the world of Sword Art Online, also known as the "Black Swordsman ". He is highly skilled with swords and is known for his aggressive fighting style and ability to take down the most powerful monsters in the game.

Asuna is one of the main female characters in the series and is known as the "Flash" due to her speed and agility on the battlefield. She is an experienced player and is highly skilled with the Lambent Light sword.

Sinon is a female character who appears later in the series. She is an experienced gamer and is very skilled with firearms in the virtual world.

Silica is a female character who appears in the second story arc. She is a low level player but with great potential.

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